Hopefully everyone reading this never needs this technique, but if you or a loved one has already contracted COVID-19 there is a breathing technique that may decrease your risk for contracting a secondary infection.

Please check out the video below where Dr Sarfaraz Munshi shares a breathing technique that is important for patients who have already contracted COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) to prevent a secondary pneumonia. Secondary pneumonia can increase your risk for complications and is a serious condition.

Disclaimer: THIS TECHNIQUE DOES NOT PREVENT INFECTION OF CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)! This post is not intended as a substitute for medical or health advice. I cannot diagnose you from my computer at home.  If you have symptoms of pain or other issues please see a qualified health practitioner. Before making any changes to your lifestyle that may affect your health, first check with a qualified healthcare professional.

He recommends using this technique immediately after getting symptoms but he also encourages people to try the technique even if they are healthy to better understand how it is performed.

The Breathing Technique

Take 5 deep breaths, holding each breath for 5 seconds. Take it easy, you may get dizzy.

On the 6th deep breath, perform a deep cough during exhalation. (While COVERING YOUR MOUTH!)

Perform this series of 6 breaths ending in a cough a total of two times.

After 2 series of 5 deep breaths held for 5 seconds and then a big (covered) cough, lie on your stomach, chest propped up by a pillow. Then breathe slightly deeper than normal without hyperventilating for about 10 minutes.

The Big Idea

The most important take home here is, lying on your back for prolonged periods closes off small airways within your lungs, increasing your risk for contracting a secondary pneumonia. This is a dangerous situation. Using this breathing technique may decrease your risk by helping to clear out those airways that don’t get to exchange as much fresh air. Pass this on to anyone you know that may need it. Stay safe and take care of each other.