The Perfect Health Diet: The Only Nutrition Book I Recommend

When patients ask me for a resource on evidence based nutrition, I currently only recommend one book, The Perfect Health Diet. It is by far the most well-researched, and easy to implement book on nutrition I have ever read. Disclaimer: Before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle consult a qualified healthcare practitioner. Individuals can have very specific dietary requirements depending on their… Read More

Doctor Teaches Important Breathing Technique to Prevent Secondary Infection

Hopefully everyone reading this never needs this technique, but if you or a loved one has already contracted COVID-19 there is a breathing technique that may decrease your risk for contracting a secondary infection. Please check out the video below where Dr Sarfaraz Munshi shares a breathing technique that is important for patients who have already contracted COVID-19 (aka the coronavirus) to prevent a… Read More


Keeping It Together When Things Fall Apart

Things are crazy right now. We all know this and that’s the bad news. The good news is, we have the power to make them a little less crazy. While everything probably seems a little off right now there are small, concrete steps we can take to create some semblance of normalcy in our daily lives. If you’ve ever care for children or even pets, you know how crucial maintaining a normal daily schedule is for their health, well being, and emotional stability. You are no different!